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Your challenge: build a WebVR game for the js13kGames competition using A-Frame and JavaScript with all the assets within 13 kilobytes in a zip package.

Virtual Reality is the next frontier for games! A-Frame is a powerful open source web framework for building virtual reality experiences. WebVR with A-Frame makes it possible for web developers to get involved. This year, we’re introducing a whole new category to the js13kGames competition.

Inspire us with a virtual reality game experience built in WebVR with A-Frame. For this category, you’ll have the same file size limit set to 13 kilobytes plus the A-Frame library for free. We can’t wait to see what you create!


Fernando Serrano Garcia

Fernando Serrano Garcia

WebVR and WebGL developer. Former demoscener, experienced in performant procedural content creation and code minimization.

@fernandojsg | fernandojsg.com

Diego Marcos

Diego Marcos

A-Frame co creator, API designer and maintainer.


Ada Rose Edwards

Ada Rose Edwards

Senior Engineer and WebVR advocate at Samsung for the Samsung Internet Browser.

@lady_ada_king | ada.is



Developer Advocate at Mozilla.




10 × PlayCanvas account

Ten 6-month PlayCanvas Personal accounts offering a cloud-hosted, collaborative platform for building games.

Virtual Reality Game Development Mini-Degree

5 × VR Gamedev coupon

Five coupons for the online Virtual Reality Game Development Mini-Degree from Zenva Academy.


3 × WebStorm license

Three personal licenses for the WebStorm JavaScript IDE created
by the JetBrains team.

A-Frame cardboard

A-Frame cardboard

Uniquely branded cardboard for every entry.

js13kGames A-Frame Mozilla


The rules of the competition for the A-Frame category are exactly the same as Desktop and Mobile, with the extra one - you can include the A-Frame library from a remote server. Place this HTML in your <head> tag:

<script src="https://aframe.io/releases/0.6.1/aframe.min.js"></script>

You can download it and test locally, but remember to reference it correctly in your submission and don't include in the zip package. This JavaScript file alone is the only
external resource you can use.


Size limit and the A-Frame library

All the official rules for the Desktop category apply except #3. The A-Frame library is an extra JavaScript file in this category alone to be referenced as an external resource, and it's the only external resource that can be used in your entry.


You can freely use A-Frame components if you fit them inside the package. Remember that some of them may try to download extra resources, which is not allowed, so you have to modify them for your use in the competition.

A-Frame versus other categories

Given the specificity of this category, and that entries using the library for "free" have technological advantage over other entries, the A-Frame category is treated as an entirely separate one. You can submit your game to any (or all) of the three classic categories (Desktop and/or Mobile and/or Server) OR to the A-Frame category alone.

Submitting your entry

The standard submit form is already open. Remember to select the A-Frame category as the only one from the available options. The A-Frame library itself cannot be included in the zipped package, only linked to - the zip without it should be 13 kilobytes or less.

Dedicated judges

The judges in this category are here to focus on your entries. Every judge will try to vote for every entry submitted to the A-Frame category, and provide constructive feedback - what was great and what could be improved.

A-Frame resources

There is a dedicated section in the Resources page with the links to useful materials about A-Frame - be sure to check it out.

Cardboards for everyone

Uniquely branded cardboards will be distributed to all participants in this year's competition, not only the A-Frame category ones. The cardboards will be sent the same way the t-shirts will be - one per entry, shipped together, for free.


If You have any questions about this category feel free to contact us via e-mail: contact@js13kgames.com.
Other options include visiting our profiles on Twitter or Facebook, or joining our Slack channel.